Performance indicators 10th grade - 2nd term

  • Performance indicator 2.1: Identifies and uses different grammatical categories, recognizing their form, meaning and communicative function.

These are the intended activities to accomplish this indicator:

  • Complete the proposed exercises on Student's book "Upstream" (sb), unit 2. It is important to work in class and finish activities on time.
  • 1 (one) written evaluation (see Calendar to check dates). This evaluation is mainly focused in vocabulary about collocations, phrasal verbs and idioms

This performance indicator is worth 18%

  • Performance indicator 2.2: Extracts both, general and specific information, from descriptive texts, in oral and written ways in different socio-cultural contexts; using the pertinent strategies to understand the given information.

Activities to be assessed:

  • Work in class doing the proposed reading tasks from the book "Playing the game".
  • Presentation of listening quizzes based on topics estudied in unit 2 (Upstream book). Calendar
  • 1 reading and listening evaluation asking for details, inference and vocabulary of the plot from the book "Playing the game"(see Calendar to check dates).
  • .

This performance indicator is worth 18%

  • Performance indicator 2.3: Writes a short review of a book, movie or place expressing personal opinions, selecting the appropriate style of writing according to the target reader.

Consider these minimum requirements when presenting your written assignments. If these requirements are not met, your written activity will not be graded properly.

  • Drafting 1. 6%
  • Drafting 2. 6%
  • Written evaluation. 6%
  • Use of different types of grammatical sentences
  • Careful about grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Use of complex sentences.
  • Use of appropriate connectors and conjunctions
  • Assignments must be done in class.

This performance indicator is worth 18%

  • Performance indicator 2.4: Identifies and uses different registers of language in sociocultural contexts to interact in discussions, and present topics of Art, Physical Education or Information Technology, showing fluency and accuracy in language use, using specific vocabulary.

Cross-curricular project): This is an oral presentation where a topic is explained related to one of the performance indicators established for Physical Education, Information Technology or Arts in second term.

Minimum requirements:

  • Palnning. 3%
  • Mode of delivery. 2%
  • Oral expression. 9%
  • Communication success. 2%
  • Team work. 2% (See some advice to improve team work)
  • Individual, pair work or groups of three.
  • Minimum time: 4:00 minutes per person.
  • Follow the order of the content of the presentation.(see slide order below).
  • Bear in mind evaluation criteria of the rubric.
  • Follow and apply the recommendations given in the PDF document Oral presentation organization.
  • Bear in mind evaluation criteria of the rubric for oral presentation
  • All the assignments must be done in class.

Order of slides in oral presentations:

  • 1st slide: Name of student(s) in charge of the presentation, name of topic, date.
  • 2nd slide: Vocabulary (5 new words explained in English).
  • 3rd slide: Summary of the topic.
  • 4th, 5th, 6th... slides: development of the topic.
  • Last slide: conclusion.

This performance indicator is worth 18%

  • Performance indicator 2.5: Carries out the work and projects proposed for the class, understanding, producing and interacting in the target language.

To know the selected items assessed in this performance indicator, please click here.

What´s a rubric?

A rubric describes varying levels of quality, from excellent to poor, for a specific assignment. It is a scoring tool representing the performance expectations for an assignment or piece of work.

When used correctly, they serve the purposes of learning as well as of evaluation and accountability.

I communicate the rubrics used in this year, prior to your work being completed, so that the grading process is very clear for you.

Find rubrics here